Drivers and Bicyclists Have Equal Right to the Road

Bicycles have been around almost as long as cars, and yet there is still the question of who has the right away? At Gillman Mitsubishi, we want you to be safe on the road whether you’re the automobile/truck driver or the bicyclist. The best way for everyone to be safe on the road by following a few simple laws.

• Bicyclists should travel with the flow of traffic, stop at all stop signs and red lights.
• Bicyclists should use signals for turning.
• Bicyclists should wear a helmet and use lights at night.
• Drivers should slow down and be alert of bikers.
• Drivers should keep at least 3 feet when passing a bike.
• Drivers should give bicyclists the right of way if it’s in question.

We offer not only automotive services and supplies but may also carry some of the bicycle supplies you need. Stop at our Selma showroom, select a car you like and take it out for a test drive.



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