There are some things that make cars look older than they need to look, especially when there's an easy solution to fix the problem. Foggy headlights are one of the things on your vehicle that can give your vehicle an unpleasant appearance, but there are some simple solutions to make them clear and shining again.

If you want to use one of the most straightforward methods available, use a headlight defogging kit. It will come with the sprays that can take off bug grit and other substances that can give headlamps a cloudy appearance.

Otherwise, if the defogging kit isn't doing as good of a job as you would like, you can also try insect repellant. It needs to contain Deet, but it works well. But you should definitely spray it on a rag before wiping it on your headlights; this stuff is strong enough to take the paint off of your car.



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