Why Is My Car Making That Noise?


When you hear an odd sound coming from your vehicle, it can be unnerving. In fact, it may cause you to ask yourself, “Is there a Mitsubishi service center near me where I can learn what an unusual noise may mean?” The factory-trained technicians in our Selma, TX Mitsubishi service center are experts at deciphering strange car sounds and identifying their underlying causes.

Because drivers turn to us for information about car noises so often, we thought it would be a good idea to share some common car noises along with their possible causes. Here are some car noises you should keep an ear out for and what they might mean:

  • Squealing coming from your wheel wells: Many modern brake pads have an indicator strip that will make a squealing noise when the pads are getting worn down and it’s nearing the time to replace them. While you don’t need to bring your vehicle in for service immediately, you can’t put off replacing your brake pads for long when you hear squealing emanating from your wheel wells.
  • Growling or grinding coming from your wheel wells: If you hear growling or, worse, grinding coming from your wheel wells, it’s a sure sign you waited too long to have your brake pads replaced. You need to hurry into our Mitsubishi service center to prevent further damage to your brakes.
  • Rattling underneath your car: If you hear a rattling sound that originates from underneath your vehicle, it might be a sign that your exhaust system and/or brake pads are loose.
  • Load bang from your tailpipe: A loud bang that comes from your tailpipe is typically a backfire. Any number of things may be to blame, such as your air-fuel mixture being too rich or a catalytic converter that isn’t working properly.

To learn more about common car noises and their possible causes, contact Gillman Mitsubishi now.

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