Whether you're driving on dark San Antonio streets or cruising down rural winding roads, the Mitsubishi Mirage has what it takes to help you stay safe. Available at Gillman Mitsubishi, this popular subcompact car comes with great stabilization features and a powerful lighting system.

To improve traction on difficult roads, the Mirage comes standard with Active Stability Control. Multiple sensors monitor the wheels as you drive. If the sensors detect any wheelslip, the system will communicate with the brakes to help you maintain control. They also work alongside the Anti-Lock Braking System to prevent your car from skidding out of your lane.

Driving at night is no problem in the Mirage thanks to its available high-intensity discard lights. The Bi-Xenon lights are brighter and more efficient, helping you stay alert of your surroundings. Integrated fog lights are also available. They can cut through inclement weather conditions, enhancing your visibility even further.



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