The Importance of Checking Fluid Levels at Gillman Mitsubishi in Selma, TX

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Once of the most important parts of responsible car ownership is proper auto maintenance. After all, there are a lot of moving parts in your Mitsubishi car or SUV and the smallest problem can cause major (and costly!) repairs. One thing that is easy to get overlooked? Checking the fluid levels under your hood. That’s why we recommend everyone visit us at our Mitsubishi dealership near New Braunfels, TX for routine maintenance and care.

There are a few key fluid levels under the hood to check for:

  • Motor Oil: oil keeps the parts in your engine lubricated to help avoid too much friction and overheating. It can become compromised overtime, so regular oil changes are imperative.
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid: a full level is important to keep your windshield clean and line of sight clear. This is particularly important when you’re always traveling off-road in an SUV like the capable Mitsubishi Outlander. After all, the beaten path can get messy.
  • Coolant: helps reduce excess heat under the hood. It’s also known as antifreeze.
  • Transmission Fluid: acts as a lubricant for your vehicle’s transmission. You may have a low level if you notice your vehicle making strange noises or you have trouble changing gears.
  • Brake Fluid: is necessary for moving the parts of your braking system. Without it, your brakes will be compromised. This is especially important to check for the safety of you and your passengers, as well as others on the road.

Let the professionals at our Mitsubishi service center help ensure your vehicle is working properly. We can check all of your fluid levels and top off anything that needs it. Don’t wait on your car care; come see us at our Mitsubishi dealership near San Antonio, TX today! 

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