Backup Cameras Save Lives

At Gillman Mitsubishi we are here to educate. So let's go over what the backup camera(or rearview) camera does.

What is the backup camera?

The backup camera is a rear-mounted video camera that gives you a full vision of what's going on behind you from the driver's seat. It activates when you shift into reverse.

Why is it important?

A federal requirement in all vehicles 2018 and newer, the backup camera is there to save the lives of children, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Because of the backup camera, the world will see fewer and fewer fender benders as well as incidents of things crushed by a car in reverse. Also, the backup camera helps you to back up flawlessly into a parking space.

Looking to get behind the wheel and test drive a vehicle equipped with a backup camera? Come to Selma where we will be happy to instruct you on how to properly use rearview camera technology.



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