Service the Fuel System to Improve Vehicle Performance

Routine maintenance doesn't sound exciting, but boy does it help your vehicle keep running properly. If you haven't kept up with it, here are some signs that it's time to have your fuel system serviced.

Car not getting the same gas mileage it used to get? Decreased gas mileage could mean your fuel pump relief valve isn't opening, which means your car could become a gas guzzler. Does your vehicle suddenly pick up speed and surge forward without your help? Irregular resistance in the fuel pump motor could be the culprit. Maybe you've experienced these signs, or perhaps there were other warning signs you didn't notice. Unfortunately, ignoring or not noticing the signs could lead to complete fuel pump malfunction. When that happens, your engine may not start.

Think your vehicle has an issue? Visit Gillman Mitsubishi to set a fuel system service appointment.



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