The manufacturer wants your car to handle well for safety and other reasons. So, wheel components are set at determined, specified angles. The right angles help the tires maintain proper connections to the road. Assembly line workers make sure these angles are correct. Unfortunately, wear and tear or small accidents can knock wheels out of alignment. Once out of alignment, the wheels must be reset.

Restoring the proper angles involves determining the original manufacturer specifications for the make and model. A mechanic uses a measuring machine design for this purpose. If the angles are off, then a wheel alignment becomes necessary. Don’t delay considering misalignment wears down tires.

Wheel alignment work involves a mechanic taking measurements of the angles. If the results show something different from manufacturer specs, the mechanic goes to work restoring them.

Our service technicians want to help you with wheel alignments and various other maintenance requests. Call Gillman Mitsubishi to set up a time to bring the car here.


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