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An Easy Way to Break Down Your Tire Size Code

Your tires wear out faster than any other system on your vehicle. So, when the time comes that they need to be replaced, it is beneficial to be able to read the sizing code on your sidewalls so that you know what it is that you are in the market for. Fortunately for you and local San Antonio drivers, our team at Gillman Mitsubishi is here to simplify things.

If you have never had the code broken down for you before, reading it can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, once you get used to it then it becomes very simple…

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Your Timing Belt Keeps Your Motor Running

The internal combustion process in your engine is a complex one that is possible because of several systems all working in tandem at very specific time intervals. That is what makes your timing belt (or chain in some cases) so vital. Without it, all of the delicate timing sequences wouldn't be possible to achieve that process.

Your timing belt syncs the rotations of both your camshaft and your crankshaft so that the valves in your engine open and close at very specific times during both the intake stroke and the exhaust stroke.

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Check Your Headlights for Optimal Performance

Before heading out for a road trip for any length or duration in San Antonio, we at Gillman Mitsubishi strongly encourage you to check that your headlights are performing at optimal levels. We guarantee that the few minutes you spend doing this today may prevent an accident tomorrow.

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Do You Think You Know the Move Over Laws?

If someone asked a group of people about the move over law, the majority of these individuals wouldn’t know what a move over law was all about. That’s a fact. Is this because the law isn’t significant enough to even consider? Absolutely not. Some may agree that there are so many laws created that it's hard to keep up with them all. Well yes, that is true. Well, according to Mason Dixon Rolling Research, 71% of United States citizens are unaware...

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Dashboard Warning Indicator Lights Provide Important Information

Here at Gillman Mitsubishi San Antonio, we are often met by concerned drivers telling us about their dashboard warning lights illuminating at the most inopportune moments. A dashboard light is a sign that there is something wrong in your vehicle; our service center is full of expert technicians who are ready to address these issues. Information is always an important aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair which is why we take every dashboard warning light seriously, making sure there are no issues by the time we are done

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Significant Road Tips during Halloween

Halloween is here, and creativity in our city is going to be expressed at the highest level. During trick-or-treating, children always face high risks of injuries on the road. The three days of Halloween have been rated to be leading with most fatalities. For a safe Halloween, our staff members at Gillman Mitsubishi San Antonio gave some safe road tips for local drivers:

Motorists are not supposed to be using their phone on the road and concentrate keenly on the street. Around residential neighborhoods, drivers should drive at least 5 mph below the noted speed limit.

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Seasonal Maintenance: No Laughing Matter for Your Vehicle!

Summer has come and gone, and the folks of San Antonio are preparing to escape the brutal heat of those hotter months. Before you start to do your holiday shopping, however, ask yourself if your daily driver has been through a routine maintenance tune-up. If not, then what has been holding you back from a necessary check-in with our staff?

The mechanics at Gillman Mitsubishi San Antonio are experts at every service your car or truck may need to keep it running strong. While some people believe that winter is the hardest season on a vehicle's performance, it is…

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Why an SUV from Gillman Mitsubishi Makes Sense

A new SUV is a great vehicle for those of you who like to get out and have an adventure. It is big enough to haul all your cargo, your entire family, and your pet. You can even haul the fun extras like your boat or motorcycle with its powerful engine. What's not to love for our local San Antonio drivers?

The new inventory at Gillman Mitsubishi San Antonio has many models to choose from to suit your needs. You can find one with the third row of seats, and many models have seats that fold down so you…

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